The morning air by the lake is frigid and cold as it glances uncomfortably off my face. I will be facing these bitterly strong winds for 7km before turning back for the finish of today’s 14km race pace run. It’s the final day of hard training in the opening phase of preparations for the spring […]

I’m learning to pace myself in my running. I’m learning to be ok with being slower than my goal pace early on. I’m learning that it takes longer for me to hit my stride. And I’m learning to be ok with that too. I’m now closer to 50 than I am to 40. And you […]

The last few months had been tough in regards to my running. Injuries. Illness. And of course burnout. All came to visit. Some staying longer than others. Others gratefully knew when they weren’t welcome. While others I had actually come to regard as akin to the pesky couch-surfing friend who would never leave. But finally […]

When you arrive to the start of any race there’s a palpable energy in the air. You can sense the thrill of anticipation, the hopes of every runner to have fun and to run the race of their lives. Some are looking to win. Others strive for a hard-earned Personal Best. While still others are […]

The cloud of overtraining is a foreboding one. Its misty tendrils extend through both the athlete’s body and psyche. The body is exhausted and the mind is suddenly tentative and  uncertain. A simple rallying cry of YES I CAN lacks any conviction and certitude. The mind can think it. The body will call its bluff. […]

I started running 6 years ago. At the time I was toned, tanned, fit, and healthy. For maybe the first time ever. On the one hand I had lost weight. And did so healthfully. On the other hand I had come to terms with my social life. Meaning I was single. That wasn’t changing. Others […]

It’s quiet in the café this morning. A soft rain heralds the dawn of Easter Monday and many are still on holiday. I sit with my legs propped up by the fireplace. Another day off running. Merely for taper this time around. I race next weekend. After foregoing the week to counter the effects of over-training, […]

Today I woke with daylight streaming through my windows. A benefit of not having to work until this afternoon. But a peculiar experience all the same as I would normally have been up hours prior, even if my first appointment was not ’til noon. Awake in darkness. Out in darkness. Running in darkness. This has […]

It’s an odd sensation for me to take a day off running. But to take a whole week off running is a modern day rendition of the Twilight Zone. The alert went out days ago. It’s something of a phenomenon to witness me walking on a run let alone bailing on a run with 5 […]

Something went wrong today and I’m not sure why. As we clicked past the 20 km mark of a 30 km reconnaissance run of The Around The Bay Road Race course, I started to falter. I had already went through a full bottle of water and 5 energy gels. But I still couldn’t get any […]