Monthly Archives: July 2013

Playing Hooky — How I Turned a Planned 10k Into 22k

The wind was calm. The sun was just starting to peak above the horizon. And the temperatures were ideal for a run. Truth be known I’ve been wanting to play hooky and scrap an upper body strength training session in favour of an extended run for a few days now. Today, like a kid seeing […]

Man On The Run

While shopping for a baking order for raspberry pies Paul McCartney’s “Band On The Run” merrily serenaded us on the muzak system playing in The Bulk Barn. This song’s ubiquity hit its zenith in the 1970’s during my formative years when I was convinced the song was “Man On The Run”. Now I wonder, given […]

Tricks of The Trade

At the end of last year I purchased Runner’s World Coach Marathon Training Guide and read it cover to cover eager to glean all I could to make me a better runner. One of the items that I have found to be of immeasurable benefit to me is the addition of L-Carnitine to my training […]

What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate

My Garmin beeps at me in a mockingly irritating manner. Earlier this morning I eagerly if not so patiently awaited that same beep indicating that my watch had located satellites and I could begin my run. But it refused to announce itself. I waited. I moved to another location. I moved to higher ground. Silence. […]

Take A Break!

Rest, relaxation, and the value of taking care of yourself is immeasurable. Fill in the comment section below and book your massage treatment with me today. (did you know that most health benefits coverages will pay for your massage treatment in part or in full? check with your place of work today.)

On Risks & Rewards

The life of a long distance runner is one of risks and rewards. The risk of injury vs the reward of a personal best. The risk of burnout vs the reward of a great meal or some much needed R&R. As I find myself 19 days and 10 training runs away from my next big […]

My Brush With Fame

I haven’t competed in a 10k event very often as in a manner of speaking I kind of fear the 5 – 10k disciplines. I have heard it described that running these races is like running on the verge of death. I go all out and try to hang on for dear life. In the […]