Canada Fitness Award


Any Gen X’er in Canada will remember the Canada Fitness Award. Participaction’s campaign to move people from fatness to fitness. Little did they know that the advent of the video game would decimate their efforts and foster obesity as the norm for our culture.

As the former fatty the Fitness Award was the bane of my existence. 6 events that determined your level of fitness. 5 awards possible: The Award of Excellence, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and the dreaded “Participation Pin”. I won more than one Participation Pin. Those 6 events were a measure of strength, speed, and most importantly endurance. I say most importantly because the Endurance Run was THE criteria that held final sway on the award you won. You could have scored “Award of Excellence” level on each of the other 5 disciplines, but if you got a Pin on the Endurance Run, you won the Participation Pin.

Perhaps this is the moral of the story. Maybe the tortoise really does win. Work on your cardiovascular endurance and the rest will follow.

Running, how far will it take you?


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