Massage Therapy: The Runner’s Best Friend

Massage Table

I joke with my friend Greg about how he is the smartest runner in the field. Why? Because when we enter a race together he’s the only one I know who brings along a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with him, me.

As a RMT I have extensive training on how the muscles of the body work to keep people healthy and fit. When the muscles are worked hard, such as with long distance running, knots, tears, and fatigue set in. And if left untreated injury can set in and derail your fitness and running goals. A massage therapist will work with you to prevent injury and to accelerate your healing in the event of an injury.

Since I became a runner I have become more and more knowledgeable about running-related injuries and have become very proficient at addressing them. Sometimes, as with my sprained ankle this winter, out of personal necessity. I’ve also had slight niggles around my knee so I learned how to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the knee to stop knee problems before they happen. I’ve gotten runners back in shape and helped keep them there through all the kilometres of training and racing.

Whether it’s a running-related injury, stress and tension from your job, or just a need to relax, if you’re in the downtown Toronto area feel free to leave me a comment and let’s see what I can do for you.


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