You Say Goodbye & I Say Hello…….Hello, Hello?


Camaraderie. Support. High 5’s. These are commonplace at many a race I’ve competed. We cheer each other on. We congratulate each other. I’ve even seen runners double back to give water to another runner injured in a marathon. So why should it be any different on our morning training runs? I smile. I nod. I say good morning. But so often in return I just get the blank stare. Hey we’re in this together. We’re both dealing with the same wind, the same cold, the same heat, you name it. So why not cheer each other on? Why not the nod of encouragement? After all a little smile can go a long way  🙂

Here’s an interesting tidbit. In her article A Smile a Day – The Little Known Health Benefits of Smiling* Cynthia Perkins M.Ed posits that

Putting a smile on your face during physical activity can significantly help you through your exercise routine, as it boosts your energy and stamina.

Though unsubstantiated and anecdotal, can we really take a chance that she’s wrong? Whatever distance you’re running, wouldn’t you want a boost in energy and stamina to get you through?

So smile when you see a fellow runner, maybe it’ll help get you to your next PB!



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