Cookies, Cakes, and 49.1km


Somewhere between now and Sunday I will be fitting in 2 training runs, a 21.1k and a 28k, baking one marble cake, one red velvet cake, 2 dozen cookie stuffed cookies and 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and do a photoshoot. Oh yes and I have work as well.

I’m already strategizing in my head how this will all work. Actually in my head I’m more like Bugs Bunny trying to tell Napoleon where the Artillery should go*. If I make the cookie dough on Thursday morning, bake the red velvet layers Thursday evening, do the photoshoot Friday morning after my half marathon training run……well you get the point.

And of course I’m a perfectionist so I want everything to look and taste perfect. And of course there’s the dilemma of being surrounded by all these baked goods and not eating them thereby adding to my to-do list baking more cookies and cakes to replace what I’ve eaten and adding more mileage to my running to compensate once again for said indulgences. Can I do all this? OF COURSE!

Then again, a couple of weeks ago I made a birthday cake for a friend’s birthday dinner and I can honestly tell you it did not got well. On top of screwing up the cake (which NO ONE found out about due to some crafty culinary improvisation), I managed to melt a leg off the rice cooker while making paella and break a wine glass. And I don’t even drink.

But then I’m also racing in the Midsummer Night’s Run after last year’s debacle. So maybe redemption is in the cards for me on both counts.

Or there’s always catering.

*For those not in the know, here’s a link:


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