I’ll take Aspirations & Inspirations for $1000


My friend Anthony recently inspired me by saying that he wondered “what big thing will be happening next” in my life. I was blown away.  It was a seemingly innocuous statement but its utterance opened my mind to potential and possibility. Often times in life we are so focused on the every day and the necessary but mundane that we forget to dream. We forget to challenge ourselves. We forget to believe.

Regrets in life are commonly about what we failed to do as opposed to what we did do. While we have an obligation to go to work, pay the bills, and feed our kids, don’t we also have an obligation to aspire and thereby to inspire? You might be wondering “But what if I fail?”. So what? We’re all afraid of failing. That’s normal. But being normal doesn’t mean we should be ordinary.

We shouldn’t be ordinary because we are afraid of trying. Rather we should be extraordinary because we have the courage to dare.



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  1. razkristi · · Reply

    “Don’t we have an obligation to aspire and thereby inspire?”
    Love it! I’ll be at the Army Run too (found your blog on their facebook page). I’ll be using the half as a training run for my first ever marathon in Toronto. I hope every day that as I train I am inspiring my kids to lead a healthy lifestyle and to always strive to complete what at first glance seems impossible.

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