What We’ve Got Here Is a Failure To Communicate


My Garmin beeps at me in a mockingly irritating manner. Earlier this morning I eagerly if not so patiently awaited that same beep indicating that my watch had located satellites and I could begin my run. But it refused to announce itself. I waited. I moved to another location. I moved to higher ground. Silence. I decide to go for my run anyway only to find out somehow miraculously that the GPS had indeed been recording my efforts.

My Garmin has served me well for 2 years now. We’ve trained together. Gotten injured together (the gash you see on my watch has been there since about a week after its purchase). And been together for every one of my personal best races as well as a multitude of running triumphs that do not include the term PB. But it’s getting on in years. It takes longer now for its battery to recharge. And as noted earlier I’m sometimes ready to go before my Garmin is. It may be time to retire it and get another. But I’ll always remember my first Garmin.


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