The Doppelganger


Do you have a sibling that you had a rivalry with? Perhaps still do? Or is there a friend, another runner that you openly cheer for but secretly make it your mission to beat? “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fastest one of all?”. Competition and wanting to be better than someone else is normal. I know I’m guilty of it. As a matter of fact, in a narcissitic moment I decided to google “runrodrun” and “blog” and found out that there is another runrodrun who is also an ultramarathoner. What’s more, he’s infinitely more accomplished and faster than I am. How’s that for keeping my ego in check?

The truth of the matter is that short of being an Olympic champion there will always be someone better than each of us. As athletes we often have a competitive drive but the true test comes not on how we fare against each other but in honouring our own selves. If you’re striving for a PB, are you really giving yourself your best shot if you consistently miss workouts? If your goal is to have fun and enjoy running, are your really being true to yourself if you constantly dwell on how fast or how slow you ran on a particular day? Whatever it is you want to get out of your running, whatever it is that you wish to accomplish in your life in general, challenge yourself to giving yourself the best shot at succeeding. Ultimately true success comes from competing against yourself. No matter what or how anyone else is doing.

Now I wonder, does the other runrodrun massage and bake too?????


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