Simple Summer Sundays

I’m 6 days away from my next race. Fully in taper mode. Reducing my training distances to conserve energy for the big day. As such today’s run, normally a long slow run that on average would last 3 hours, has been truncated to less than 30 minutes. On a beautiful morning like we’re currently enjoying there’s something somewhat sad about not having the chance to be out there longer.

But when I get home a fresh pot of coffee awaits me. My partner and I kibitz and banter while making dumplings for lunch. After coffee we’ll go out for a leisurely stroll. Playing on the swings at a nearby park while dogs mirthfully chase one another. Their owners languidly enjoying their own morning javas.

Sometimes I miss running for hours at a time. Sometimes I am reminded of what I miss when I do run for hours at a time.



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