A Valentine’s Run For Heart and Stroke, The Follow-Up

Last Friday I posted about my intention to celebrate my 42.2nd birthday by running a charity marathon in honour of my father.


Today I heard back from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they’ve set up a donation page for me. I’ve spent the bulk of my day trying to personalize this page and the email I’ll be sending out to promote this Valentine’s Run.

How do I tug on people’s heartstrings without being overly sappy? How much money is a reasonable goal for me to strive for? How do I say what I want to say when my emotions keep getting in my way? I struggle with all of these things and more. But I think I’ve got everything to sound and look the way I want it to.

And where eloquence may prove elusive I’m hoping genuineness will more than compensate.


“Do you miss your dad?”. I nodded my head. Within 15 minutes, my dad was there to come bring me home.

Hi Doug,

When I was a little boy I always worshipped my dad. I couldn’t get enough of him. I can still remember staying at a cousin’s place when I was about 5 years old and my aunt sensed there was something wrong. She correctly assessed the situation and asked me “Do you miss your dad?” And I nodded my head. Within 15 minutes, my dad was there to come bring me home.

My dad died peacefully at the end of 2012. He was 92. It is my goal to honour him every moment of my life and to help raise money for the charity he wanted to see donations going to in lieu of flowers at his funeral — the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

On Valentine’s Day 2014, in memory of my father, I will embark on my very own marathon to raise awareness on how far a healthy heart can take us in life. A marathon is 42.2 km and this run will take place when I am 42.2 years old.

When you click on the link below, you will be taken to my personal donation page where you can make a secure online credit card donation. I understand that people are always looking for some type of donation, but as a friend your support would mean so much to me!

Thanks for your support!

Below is the link. Please forward this blog and/or the link to my charity page to anyone you can think of. I appreciate your support. And the Heart and Stroke Foundation will appreciate your generosity.


Many thanks!




  1. […] Rod Lowe is a Toronto-based runner and Registered Massage Therapist. On February 14, 2014 he will set out on his own “Valentine’s Run for Heart & Stroke”, a charity marathon,42.2 km, on his 42.2nd birthday The run will raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation in memory of his father who passed away in December. To find out more please visit here. […]

  2. Reblogged this on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner and commented:

    After months of preparation, The Valentine’s Run For Heart & Stroke in honour of my father is less than 3 weeks away!

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