Best in Class?


Yesterday after some hesitation, indecision, and nerves we climbed into the car and made the 2 hour drive to my partner’s university college reunion. Happily, all went very well and we were both welcomed warmly by his classmates, in spite of if not because of the fact that his alma mater is an old fashioned Christian establishment.

Next year will be my turn. My high school has a reunion to celebrate 50 years since its inception and although I’m intrigued at the prospect of going I have my own share of apprehensions as well. Being a teenager in the 1980’s is a far different proposition than it is today. Particularly as the decade heralded a return of homophobic hysteria in the wake of HIV & AIDS, the 80’s was a torturous time to be gay.

But we are now 3 decades along. Homosexual rights have progressed tremendously. Gay marriages are now if not commonplace are certainly not unheard of. Would I be able to introduce my partner and receive the warm welcomes we did at his reunion? Or would the grounds of my high school still house the hallowed halls of backward ideals?



  1. I have to hope that in this day and age your former classmates will simply want to catch up with you and get to know your partner. And from what I have read in your blog you have so many amazing things to share! And quite honestly, if someone reacts negatively, well let’s face it, they are stuck back there in the 80’s and you have to kind of feel sorry for them!

    1. Thanks Kristi! You are very very kind! I hope my classmates have grown into people like you 🙂

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