The Final Countdown

55 days to go until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Based on the times I through down last week, I’m running better than I have all season. And this while recovering from another race. I’m not running as fast as I was last season, in part because this season’s focus has been more about building endurance than it has been about speed. But even without a PB in sight, a season’s best is certainly achievable.

Looking ahead I’ll be adding to my strength training, and increasing my distances on the road in comparison to anything I’ve done all year. It’s the final push as this is the final “big” distance that I will be racing this season. Protecting myself from burnout is no longer a factor as I have the next few months after this race to kick back and relax. At least as much as an ultramarathoner does relax in the off-season.

There is something exciting about going all out. Unfurling my wings and giving myself permission to go after the fast time that I’ve missed all year. No more hesitations. No more apprehensions. And no excuses to hide behind if I fail. In March I was injured. In May I was saving myself for the Ultra. In June it would be an unknown distance. And last weekend it would be the crowds of pedestrians wreaking havoc along an uncordoned race path. But in October all those rationalizations will be no more.

There is a quiet hum of excitement in my gut. I know something big is about to happen. I just have to keep working to make it so.




  1. I wish I was feeling as excited as you for Toronto. I had a horrible run yesterday in my first ever attempt to run 30k. Had to stop at 25k due to hip and IT band pain. So disappointed and discouraged. Taking a few days off and hope all will be better.

    1. Hi Kristi! I hope your hip and ITB get better soon too! I know it feels awful right now, both with the physical pain, but also with what something like this can do with your headspace 😦

      You’re right to give yourself sometime to heal. Have you tried rolling out your hip and ITB on a foam roller? Also, try the ITB stretch here:

      We’ve got 8 weeks. There is still PLENTY of time to get better and get ready 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Love my foam roller 🙂 (even though it hurts)
        Thanks for the stretches and encouraging words. You are dead on when you say it plays with your headspace. I needed that 30k run mentally more than physically so it is now going to be a big hurdle to get over.

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