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The Massage Chronicles

Today is Alistair’s 60th birthday. And he has chosen to start his new decade of life with a massage treatment from me. I’ve known and treated Alistair and his wife Michelle since they were in their 40’s. Now I myself am looking at 40 fading away in the rear view mirror of my own life. […]

Guest Blogging Redux

A wonderful author and speaker, Kristi is yet another runner whose words I’ve been privileged to come across. Kristi has appeared on iRun Radio Podcasts for her experiences in running and she has kindly agreed to do a guest blog exchange with me. Kristi will be competing in her first ever marathon next month at […]

The Age of Enlightenment

While I don’t pretend to begin to comprehend all of the finer nuances in life, I have come to an age when life has elucidated certain aspects for me quite plainly. In terms of being an athlete I have come to realize that not only is running a gift but that speed is a privilege […]

Being Alice’s Dad

Last week I introduced ultramarathoner Will Teng on my blog. Today Will has published my guest blog spot on his site. Read my piece, “Being Alice’s Dad” and check out Will’s insightful and entertaining blog here:

What Worlds Would There Be?

Guest Blog Item: Running and Mental Strength

Today I introduce to you a guest blogger from Taiwan, Will Teng.  Will approached me about guest blogging on eachother’s sites and after reading his blog I readily agreed! Without further ado, here’s Will in his own words: Will Teng is a health coach and ultra runner out of Taipei, Taiwan. He enjoys writing and […]

Hell Hath No Fury……

  Because even the most dedicated athlete can fall to temptation…….. Devil’s Food Cake, Burned Sugar, & Scorched Marshmallows