A Quiet Run


The crisp air embraces me as I step out into the predawn. It’s early September but autumn is already beckoning as the winds kick up around me. A whiff of nostalgia as I embark on my training run. I wonder where the summer has gone so quickly while at the same time looking forward to brilliantly coloured leaves, pumpkin pies, and apple picking. There is a forlornness though as I realize that I need the lamp on my watch to check out my first couple of split times before the sun shines its welcome to the day.

Meanwhile the winds while just measuring at 10 km/h feel more formidable. A harbinger of what is to come after a summer’s hiatus of relative calm along the shores of Lake Ontario. I find myself struggling to get used to this new element and my exertions are punctuated by the many runners who pass me with facile and elan. While I’m by no means an elite athlete I generally more than hold my own against the average runner. But not today. There were times when this would’ve provoked a mini existential crisis but again, not today. Today I relax into the pace that my body dictates and I go for the runners’ equivalent of the quiet morning drive. Wondering wistfully what this fall holds for me in terms of my running and in terms of what next big thing is just around the corner to share and enjoy.


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