Meeting Raymond

9 months. Countless races. Marathons and triathlons for one. Marathons and an ultramarathon for the other. Both battled injuries. Both would return. One speaks in miles. The other calls them kilometres. For one they’re PR’s (Personal Records) and he would set them in terms of speed in the half marathon and 5km disciplines. For the other they’re PB’s (Personal Bests) and he would set one, in terms of distance by successfully competing in a 50 km race in June. They share goals. They commiserate in times of injury and disappointment. And they applaud eachother’s triumphs. They would argue about Participant’s Medals. They would laugh at inside jokes. And on a chilly September afternoon as A Flock of Seagulls heralded one with “I Ran”, the other donned his newest medal.

He’s my friend and my running confidante. But I had never met Raymond in person. Until yesterday.



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