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MyPace @ The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Click the link below to see more pics, videos, and a cool feature called “View Race” which shows how I raced in comparison to both the Men’s and Women’s Champions as well as the final finisher. Advertisements

Mascha Sat In Front Of Us

She sat in front of us. In the lineup to get into last Sunday’s crafting show. This grandmotherly woman with the bright red sweater and crinkly eyes. Her walker faithfully at the ready. Mascha sat in front of us patiently waiting for the doors to open. Quietly at first but more animatedly and engagingly as […]

Being A Part of History

Got this in the mail from The Ottawa Marathon. LOVE IT! Even if my time was 3:57:56!!! Great way to encourage future participation in their event! Way to go Ottawa!!!! #OttawaMarathon #CoolestThing #PartOfHistory

A Journey Of 50 Kilometres….

The weather is brisk and the skies are dark as I head out for my long slow run. It’s been a week since the marathon which means my long run won’t actually be “long” per se. And it feels a little odd.  I miss being out for 3 hours. Even if the conditions aren’t exactly […]

The Running Now

My thighs have finally stopped screaming. The pictures have been displayed and the stories have been told. My last big race of the season is now officially behind me. On Sunday I ran a season’s best at The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and raced stronger than I had in any distance this entire year. It […]

Run Wild!

Life Is Meant To Be Fun

On Gratitude

Thank You. Two simple words that mean so much. The significance of gratitude is often overlooked. So many concentrate on the negative. It’s easy to do. We are bombarded with tragedy. We are surrounded by anger. And we are overwhelmed with worry. Look at the news and tell me what you see. It is so […]