On Gratitude


Thank You.

Two simple words that mean so much. The significance of gratitude is often overlooked. So many concentrate on the negative. It’s easy to do. We are bombarded with tragedy. We are surrounded by anger. And we are overwhelmed with worry. Look at the news and tell me what you see. It is so unfortunate that misery and suffering sells. And people revel in it. Routinely cloaking themselves in adversity, descrying grief even in the midst of hope.

People question. They doubt. They second-guess. And they bask in tainting others with their antagonism. A smile is frowned upon. A gesture of kindness is considered with suspicion.

But if misery loves company, then thankfulness thrives on its own. And it flourishes when surrounded by its own kind. One expression of appreciation can shine promise in a world of darkness. Moreover, when gathered together, words and acts of thanks have the power to change lives.

This weekend is Canada’s celebration of Thanks. When the world’s 2nd largest nation collectively expresses its gratitude for love. For family. For friends. For lovers. For health. For wealth. For beauty. For peace. For roofs over our heads and food on our plates.

May this not be limited to today. May this extend beyond this weekend. May daily acts of gratitude become our new routine. May appreciation change each of our lives for the better. By allowing us to focus on the positive — the very innately good in and about every one of us.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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