A Journey Of 50 Kilometres….


The weather is brisk and the skies are dark as I head out for my long slow run. It’s been a week since the marathon which means my long run won’t actually be “long” per se. And it feels a little odd.  I miss being out for 3 hours. Even if the conditions aren’t exactly ideal. This week I’ve heard discussions about the Athens Marathon in early November. Two friends raced yesterday. And I’m feeling a little left out in the cold.

Although this time of year is necessary for me to recharge and let my body have time to recover I am already eager to push my pace, to push my distance. I resist however as I know that to conserve this energy and enthusiasm is to my overall benefit.

So many people loathe running and would never dream of kicking themselves out of bed before dawn. For me it’s a tradition I savour. The streets are empty and enticing to my introverted spirit. For a few precious hours I am alone.

The memory of an endurance athlete is oft ephemeral and fleeting at best. While 7 days ago I was at points longing for the end of the race so I could rest my weary legs, it is now my next Ultra that I ponder with longing. If I enter the Chicago Ultra in November next year I could use the Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon 3 weeks prior as my final long run.

Peaking for big races demands a meticulously choreographed schedule. And yet nothing is written in stone. The possibilities though have me daring to dream once again as I lace up for this morning’s run.

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.  – Lau Tzu


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  1. You’re not going to believe this Rod but I spent time yesterday reading up on 50k races. I think I might like to try one sometime. I was looking at Run for the Toad which also has a 25k race. Thought I could try the shorter distance first and then the following year try the 50.
    Haven’t run since the marathon, been a crazy week, but hoping to run tomorrow. It will be nice to get back at it.

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