Monthly Archives: November 2013

Bring in ‘da Snow, Bring in ‘da Ice!

I’ve been hunting hi and lo for the perfect winter running shoe. Something that can transition from dry pavement to snow to ice and back again with equal aplomb and light weight agility. And I think I’ve found it. The La Sportiva Crosslite — a shoe that has been around the block so many times […]

There Will Be Bad Runs

For a multitude of reasons which I will refrain from listing, for they only serve to make me sound whiny, today was a very very bad day of running. And yes I’m eating chocolate cake while typing this in a valiant effort to ameliorate my mood. Through 3 years of training and racing I’ve been […]

If I Missed A Run

What would happen if you missed a run? Would you feel guilty? No. It’s not guilt exactly. It’s not anger either. It’s just that I wouldn’t feel right. There are bits of guilt and anger to be sure but there’s more to it than that. In an episode of The Golden Girls, Blanche Devereaux refers […]

It’s The Day You Were Born

“Are you looking forward to your birthday?” In a word “yes”. I know there are many people who dread getting older. And many still who feel that with age that birthdays are no longer a big deal. But I still get excited about them. For one thing, being self-employed, I don’t think I’ve worked on […]

Most Likely To Succeed?

I seem to have a perverse fascination with looking at my highschool’s facebook page. It’s 1:20 a.m. I can’t sleep. And here I am looking at old names and faces. Wondering who I remember. Remembering what I can. And wondering if I too would be remembered. You see I’m on the outside looking in. Deliberately […]

Some Of My Favourite Things

I’ve been getting a head start on the Holiday Season. Fresh Baked Christmas Cream Cookies and Home Made Christmas Cards.


It’s a quiet sleepy morning. The rains are falling softly. And my partner grabs the extra covers within seconds of me getting up. He gurgles comfy snuggling sounds into the darkness which seem to mock my efforts to ready myself for my training run. The air is mild and misty this November morning. The gentle […]