Note To Self…

Note To Self

There was a post that made the internet rounds recently.

If you could write a note to your younger self what two words would you use?

Earlier this year as I helped my mother clean out her basement I found some old journals of mine. I would’ve been in my early 20’s at the time of those writings and boy did I flush with embarassment at all the things that preoccupied my young mind. The people I pined over. The situations I agonized about. And I can honestly say that if I could reach back in time I would — in fine Cher fashion — slap my younger self and yell “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

But of course when I wrote those journals, all those worries and preoccupations were very real life anguishing tumults. Or so I thought. Twenty years of prudence and hindsight has taught me otherwise. But before I get too cocky, let’s be clear. The 60-something year old version of me is likely shaking his head at some of the decisions that I’m currently making. Such is life.

So going back to the aforementioned internet meme, what two words of advice would you deliver to your younger self?

As I perused the responses this question elicited a common theme appeared. Fear Not. Be Brave. Do It. And any number of variations on the theme. It shows great insight to be certain. But why restrict these words to just our younger selves?

Chances are each one of us currently faces something that we’re afraid of undertaking. A new job? A new relationship? A new home? Whatever it is, why not listen to our own advice that we would give our younger selves. Today. Before it’s too late.


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