Some Of My Favourite Things

Some Of My Favourite Things

I’ve been getting a head start on the Holiday Season.
Fresh Baked Christmas Cream Cookies and Home Made Christmas Cards.



  1. Rod, have you ever tried gluten free baking? Our youngest has celiac so that is the only baking I do now. I love experimenting with quinoa flour, it has a flavour that goes well with chocolate or ginger.

  2. Hey Kristi!

    Thanks for the tip with the quinoa flour! Quinoa is also supposed to be a god-send for runners 🙂

    As luck would have it one of my favourite childhood recipes is a dessert made of rice flour. I’ve made that for a friend of mine who has 2 kids with celiac and I’m proud to say it passed the taste test 🙂 I also make a mean sponge toffee that is gluten free 🙂

  3. Oooh…sponge toffee, I’ve never tried to make that. Sounds yummy.
    Did a half marathon just over a week ago. Glad I did it but those last 5km were tough, I think tougher than the last five of the marathon!

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