It’s The Day You Were Born


“Are you looking forward to your birthday?”

In a word “yes”. I know there are many people who dread getting older. And many still who feel that with age that birthdays are no longer a big deal.

But I still get excited about them. For one thing, being self-employed, I don’t think I’ve worked on my birthday for a good decade. So I’m definitely looking forward to the day off.

But birthdays are more than that. It goes beyond material presents and cake. It’s about being loved and remembered. Yes in a good world that happens more than once a year. And I’m grateful that I happen to live in a very very good world. But to me birthdays are a day to celebrate being alive, being special, and mattering. Remembering that we were each born for a purpose. And hoping that our lives have brought a smile to someone’s face at some point. And if we can honestly say we’ve accomplished that then yes, there is reason to celebrate.

Though it’s not today, I will celebrate.

Happy Birthday to me.


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