Bring in ‘da Snow, Bring in ‘da Ice!


I’ve been hunting hi and lo for the perfect winter running shoe. Something that can transition from dry pavement to snow to ice and back again with equal aplomb and light weight agility. And I think I’ve found it. The La Sportiva Crosslite — a shoe that has been around the block so many times that it started collecting the first of its many awards and accolades as far back as 2008. A full 2 years before I even dared to think of running around the block let alone striding out for 50 km.

The fact that this exact model is still on the market without any tinkering or remakes is a great sign that La Sportiva got it right the first time. With an aggressive tread that features “spikes” that run at angles to eachother to form an ideal braking system on any terrain I look forward to bulldozing through all that Mother Nature can throw at me this winter.

The Crosslites are remarkably light weight for this breed of shoe and when I started doing laps to test them out in the store I felt like Harry Potter when the winds blew through his hair signalling that the right wand had chosen him. Perhaps these new kicks have also chosen me. For the first time I can remember I can’t wait to get out there to tackle winter running!


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