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A Valentine’s Run For Heart and Stroke, The Follow-Up

Originally posted on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner:
Last Friday I posted about my intention to celebrate my 42.2nd birthday by running a charity marathon in honour of my father. Today I heard back from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they’ve set up a donation page for me. I’ve spent the…

Home Is Where The Heart Is. It’s Also Where The Cookies Are!

-Sweetheart?! -Ya…. -I’m going to be running a little longer today so I won’t be back home until closer to 10. It’s 6:13 a.m. A little bit of a later start today owing to the men’s Australian Open final. The air is frigid and the skies a deep inky blue as I set out. In […]

Old Lessons Still Hold True

Flashback. May 1981. The Canadian Fitness Award. The event: 50 metre dash. Our teacher, Mrs. Yeomans, admonished each of us to run passed where she stood to mark the finish of the sprint so that we wouldn’t slow down and we would get the best time possible. The lesson: Stay focused. No shortcuts. And give […]

Fighting the Blues

Defined as the third Monday in January and referred to as the most depressing day of the year, yesterday was Blue Monday. This winter has been cold. It’s been bleak. And it’s been devastating. But thankfully I’m not prone to bouts of depression or melancholy. I’m sure my running helps with that. The release of […]

Mission Accomplished

Title: Special Agent Rod Mission: 32 km Training Run Status: Mission Accomplished Analysis: Ready For Marathon

The Missing

There is a 52 year old man who coaches cross country and teaches high school geography. A husband. A father. And an avid runner. 3 days ago he went for his morning run and he hasn’t been seen since. He’s known as “The Whitby Jogger”. I don’t know who this man is. And to my […]

Full Flight

There is an irrefutable freedom about running flat out. No restrictions. Full flight. My lungs expanding. Arms pumping. Feet skimming the ground. It’s been a long time since I had this sensation. The ice, the winds, and the snow have really forced me to slow down and focus on staying upright and getting my training […]