Today I am 42.1 Years Old

I’ve done the math and there is a 36.5 day window when I am 42.1 years old. I now exist in the midst of this range.

In runners’ parlance, at least in metric terms, 42.1 is a significant number. With 42.2 kilometres in a marathon, 42.1 means you’re in the home stretch. You’re sprinting to the finish. Or hobbling. Either way you know you’re almost there. The rewards, the medals, THE FOOD, are all there. Soon you’ll be smiling for the finishers’ photo, wrapping yourself in a stylish new foil coat to keep warm, and toasting each other with post-race Gatorade.

For me at 42.1 years old it means that I’m now just over a month away from doing my own personal marathon, my 42.2 km run on Valentine’s Day to celebrate being 42.2, to celebrate being able to do 42.2, and to honour my father by raising money to go toward the Heart & Stroke Foundation — a cause he very much valued.

The winter we’ve been experiencing has been the worst we’ve seen in years. Freezing Rain. Snow storms. Wind chill advisories. But today with a bit of a lull before yet another snow storm followed by a plummet of 20 degrees I was able to take my first step toward being marathon ready. Upping my distance through the slush to hammer home a 28 kilometre training run, 3 kilometres beyond my “basic training” distance for Sundays.

I had a dream about my father over the Holidays. I hadn’t realized on a conscious level how much I missed him until he came to me in that dream. It was good to see him again.

I think he’d be proud of what I’m doing.


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