Full Flight

There is an irrefutable freedom about running flat out. No restrictions. Full flight. My lungs expanding. Arms pumping. Feet skimming the ground. It’s been a long time since I had this sensation. The ice, the winds, and the snow have really forced me to slow down and focus on staying upright and getting my training run done safely. Times and speeds being a distant concern of the past. My attentions now being supplanted with the burden of remaining vertical on treacherous terrains. But with the recent thaw I was able to finally don lighter weight clothes. Shoes without spikes.

And run with absolute abandon.




  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    sounds like you had a great run

  2. Hey Shawn. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a couple of your blog entries and by all accounts it looks like you may live very nearby my southern Ontario abode. You too have been dealing with the frigid temperatures and are also enjoying the warmer climes đŸ™‚

    Yes, today’s run felt fantastic. Truthfully one of the biggest reasons I persist in running during -40C and ice storms is because it makes days like today seem all-the-more easy to handle. It’s that old adage of “That which does not kill me…….” Though I’m always quick to point out that the person who coined that phrase is currently dead. Something killed him. And he is not getting stronger. :p

    How is your running going?

    1. shawnasob · · Reply

      Rod thanks for the kind words! We are most definitely neighbours, I’m just west of you in Mississauga. Small world eh? Running is going nicely and I’m looking forward to getting in some good mileage this weekend. This break in weather has been very nice and you’re right about the warmer temps being easier to handle after running in the so called polar vortex. Keep up the great blog!

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