Fighting the Blues

Defined as the third Monday in January and referred to as the most depressing day of the year, yesterday was Blue Monday.

This winter has been cold. It’s been bleak. And it’s been devastating. But thankfully I’m not prone to bouts of depression or melancholy. I’m sure my running helps with that. The release of endorphins that fuels the runners’ high being a natural mood elevator.

Yet even runners are not impervious to the assaults of Mother Nature. Quite the opposite. I would argue that many runners, myself included, yearn for the return of spring and the end of these savage days of Arctic Vortices. But since I have no supernatural powers, nor the current budget for a trip south, yesterday, on Blue Monday, I took matters into my own hands and created spring for myself in my own home.

Before Pic……..base coat in Putnam IvoryImage

Colour washing a layer of Spiced Orange and Wentworth WhiteImage

Using the same technique to create a frame of Antique GoldImage

And using a combination of stencil and freehand to add spring blossoms and birdsImage

Bear in mind that I was once so bad at painting that I was kicked out of my own home by friends who took over painting my living room because I had created such a mess. But I have called in enough favours from my social circle; it was time to learn how to paint my own home.

Chalk this up to the courage that running bestows. When you can surmount your own perceived limitations, strap on a pair of runners, and do something to reclaim your own health and well-being, you realize that you can do pretty much anything.



  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    Wow you’ve got some crazy painting ability! Looks awesome. You’re right about running helping get through the winter blahs. Since I’ve been running I haven’t spent my winter longing for summer. I actually enjoy the change of scenery and season but I have to admit I am starting to think about spring, I checked my calendar yesterday just to see how much longer.

    1. Thanks Shawn!

  2. That is JUST beautiful!!!! Looks like it was professionally done.

    1. Thanks Diana!

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