Some People Climb The Walls. Some People Paint Them.

With just 10 days to go until my Valentine’s Marathon, I’m well into taper time. Which means I go through the usual climbing the walls from the pent up energy. Well with my new-found artistic urges I’ve channeled some of that energy toward painting my walls.


What my dining room looked like last night. Pen & Ink sketches, based on my photography, created by Andrea Kingsley of Andrea Kingsley Art


It begins……taping off areas while the ideas percolate


The Finished Product


Eastern Bluebird on Dogwood Wall Hanging by Andrea Kingsley of Andrea Kingsley Art

I purchased the house frame on sale from Pier 1 Imports as it was dented. I decided to hide the dent with the chicadee.

For the backdrop I wanted a simple winter scene so I used a combination of ombre style painting and colour wash on a stark white background.


Painted by me but inspired by an illustration from a calendar. The original had a deer drinking from the pond but I have no idea how to draw a deer let alone paint one!

This is my first attempt using heavier acrylic paints. I wanted to add some texture and dimension to this scene.

And before I forget, if anyone is interested in learning more about my Valentine’s Marathon, here’s the link:

Thank you for your support!


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