Repurposing Something Old


It once symbolized something that meant the world to me.

The heart symbolizes love.

The hands symbolize friendship.

The crown symbolizes loyalty.

And the ring itself once symbolized my engagement to someone that I am blessed to still count as a wonderful friend.

I fondly remember the conversations. I remember the excitement of our relationship. And yes I remember the proposal.

Through the years our relationship has changed but the friendship it yielded is still one that is quite beautiful.

Now it’s time for the original meaning of the ring to be remade.

Love. Loyalty. Friendship. These qualities are the very embodiment of who my father was and is. What this ring means is what my father stood for and represented. So this ring will now be my own finisher’s medal for the Valentine’s Run. The marathon I will be doing in honour of dad when I run to his grave site this Friday morning.

In this way this ring will continue to symbolize something that means the world to me.


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