Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

There’s a masochistic pleasure to running. Even for experienced runners there’s something about hills, fartleks, and tempo runs that makes us crave more. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot!” and “Thank You Sir. May I Have Another?”

As I prepare for the Around The Bay Road Race at the end of March I find myself really enjoying the drive to push harder that hills and speed work bring out of me. In an almost compulsive manner I want to run up one more hill. HARD. Or push myself to run at race pace for one more block.

Indeed after months of maintaining and building endurance, the change of pace to one that is faster and more taxing is exhilirating.

There was an Olympic champion who revamped herself in the months leading to Sochi. When asked what changed for her in recent times, she said that she took a hard look at herself and realized that she wasn’t fit enough. And I can honestly say that I feel the same way about myself.

I don’t know how much of my recent down turn in speed can be attributed to age, or weather, or the slick terrain we’ve had this winter. Or how much is due to my own admitted complacency toward my running. Yes I got the kilometres in, but I wasn’t pushing myself. Yet as I approach my first race of the season one thing is undeniable.

I want to be better.




  1. Recovery is an important part of training…including cranking it down during the off season. Helps your mind and body recover. And get hungry for more. Looks like you are ready for another great season!!!

    1. Thanks Raymond! You have a very good point. Maybe I am rested. I am definitely hungry to train harder 🙂

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