Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Around The Bay Road Race

Rod Lowe started the Around the Bay 30km race – Courtesy of Sportstats The sun shone intently, bestowing a foreign sensation of warmth after a long winter of absence. My pace a controlled aggression as I set out on York Street amidst a sea of close to 7000 runners. The early race adrenaline courses through […]

Congratulations James!

My Brush With Fame II

With 2 time Canadian Olympian (2012 marathon, 2008 10,000 metre) Eric Gillis. This at the same Running Room where I sat in awe while 2012 Boston Marathon Champion Wesley Korir and Canadian Olympian (2012 marathon) chatted right next to me. There must be something about that particular Running Room. Location, location, location!

Easter Eggs In A Chocolate Nest

Made these this afternoon out of milk chocolate, chow mein noodles, and cinnamon almonds. A little early, but who can blame me for pushing spring a little forward?

Another Year. Another Chance.

We are always given another chance. Another chance to grow, to change, to improve. Another to chance to show what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come. At this time last year I was injured and grieving the loss of my father. This year I am fit both mentally and physically. I am 8 days […]

Just Like On Race Day

With 2 weeks to go until The Around The Bay Road Race my long run is trimmed today to the relatively modest half marathon distance. 21.1 kilometres but armed with hills and winds to test me still as I ease into my taper. Just like on race day this run will not be easy. I […]

On A Runner’s Mathematical Prowess

I chuckle as it dawns on me that an unexpected benefit of my running has been the vast improvement of my mental acuity via mathematical calculations. While racing and even now, two and a half weeks away from my next race, I find myself perpetually performing relatively complex equations based on varying contingencies. If Runner […]