Are you running this weekend “Weather Permitting”?

Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!?!

I honestly just got asked by someone who should know better whether or not I will be running this weekend “weather permitting”. I’m still shaking from this — I trust innocent — faux pas.

I have run in snow storms that sent construction crews scrambling for shelter. That ice storm that took out power to many parts of my city for over a week? I was out there. I ran 23km that day actually. I ran my first Ultra in a heat advisory. My 2012 Scotiabank Marathon was greeted with deluges from the Heavens.

And I was never alone in my intrepidness. Others were just as brave. Just as hearty. And alright, I’ll admit it, just as crazy. But craziness is a badge of honour in the running community!

This Sunday is supposed to be sunny with a high of -2C. For what we Canadians have been through this winter that is a downright tropical warm front. That is a gift from God.

So will I be running this weekend?

You bet your sweet patootie.



  1. Hahaha. Unless there’s a visible tornado, I’m not sure that’s really ever a valid question…

    1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Can’t believe wordpress needed to ask whether I would approve such an astute and accurate comment. 🙂

  2. As long as it’s not freezing rain, I’m out there and I usually see other runners 🙂 I ran one half marathon in a lightning storm that I’m sure was dangerous, but I wasn’t going to stop if the organizers weren’t going to make me!

    1. Good on you Joseph! And I bet that medal is extra sweet as a result of your grit and determination in dealing with the lightning.

  3. razkristi · · Reply

    Too funny! I have actually realized that I am so accustomed to temperatures hovering around -20C that everything else feels too warm. I’m not convinced I am looking forward to running in temperatures above 0 degree!

    1. LOL! Ya I think we may have to break out the shorts and t-shirts for anything above zero for sure. Hopefully it’ll be that nice for ATB in a couple of weeks. How is your training going Kristi?

      1. razkristi · ·

        Not sure what to say of my training. Am I where I should be to do this race seriously? Nope. But am I having a good time running. Definitely!!! I don’t seem to have a competitive urge at the moment ( competitive with myself that is, don’t really care about where I am compared to other runners). But I kind of like just running and letting my body do what it wants. I have had several runs lately (though not my last long run) that have just been fun. So that is my goal at ATB…just have a really good time. I’ll aim for a solid 20k and then whatever happens, happens. And if I have fun that day I may even change my Ottawa half marathon bib for a full marathon. If I don’t have fun, I’ll stick to the half 🙂
        We should try to meet up in Hamilton if possible.

  4. Sounds like a plan Kristi 😀

  5. I’m a wimp. I have been inside all winter (mostly due to icy roads). Although -70 wind chills would have done it too. I am back outside for running now, but still indoors for cycling and swimming…

    1. You are a wimp :p But send me some of those post-race reward cupcakes you bought today and all will be forgiven.

      Kidding of course, no one who trains and races like you is a wimp.

      NOT kidding about sending the cupcakes though!!!!

      1. Hey, you owe me goodies from your February marathon. Just cause I was outside of your “distribution radius”!

        I need a cupcake! Triple chocolate I think!

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