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Blonde VS Brunette

The Brownies (from top left): Caramel Corn & Candied Peanuts Spring Fling (Candied Chocolate Eggs in a Chocolate Nest on Peppermint Frosting) Maltesers & Macadamia Nuts Ferrero Rocher on Chocolate Ganache The Blondies (From Centre Top): Cookies & Cream Wafer Madness Salt Water Taffy on Toasted Marshmallow Strawberry Blonde & Lemon Cream Advertisements

The Lovers

I painted this onto my kitchen wall last week. For the way that the trees “embrace” I’ve entitled it The Lovers. I get to look at it each time I sit at my computer to blog. A friend of mine calls me an artist. I remain honoured and flattered.

Twas The Night Before Long Run

The clock pushes steadily passed 8 o’clock. The sun begins to set as the skies turn a gradually darker shade of bluish black. And the house grows quiet as day begins to fade into night. I check the weather for tomorrow morning and begin to array a selection of clothes for tomorrow’s long run. I […]

Of Predators and Prey

I had logged 32 km. One final kilometre to go and I would call it a day. And then out of nowhere There They Were. Like a scene out of a National Geographic documentary on the great wildebeest migration. A seismic mass of taut bodies and sinewy legs impelled by instinct toward their destination. But […]

Celebrate Life. Celebrate Your Health!

Run Like Your Life Depended On It

4 Weeks Until The Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon

1 Week Post-Race. Long Slow Run. Lots of Tough Hills; No Winds; Ideal Temperature. Distance: 28 km Time: 2:30:42 (for me, esp. 1 week post-race, that’s good) Pace: 5:23/km (same pace as in last week’s race) 4 Weeks To The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon Feeling Real Good Elevation from The Around The Bay Road Race […]