Twas The Night Before Long Run

The clock pushes steadily passed 8 o’clock. The sun begins to set as the skies turn a gradually darker shade of bluish black. And the house grows quiet as day begins to fade into night.

I check the weather for tomorrow morning and begin to array a selection of clothes for tomorrow’s long run. I am in taper mode now but the taper has yet to reach full maturation. Duly tomorrow’s distance, 21.1 km, is neither overly long nor overly short. In Goldilockian vernacular, tomorrow’s distance is just right. And with the forecast set for another beautiful spring day I am eager and full of  anticipation at what tomorrow’s run will bring.

The winds will be minimal. The sun’s golden rays warming the early dawn. The streets, long clear of ice and snow, devoid of all sounds but that of birdsong and my own metronomic footfall. I’ve been running very well of late, and with the hard training behind me, tomorrow’s run will be all about having fun. Enjoying the blessings that nature, health, and fitness proffer. Basking in the quiet welcoming solitude that only an early Sunday morning can genuinely bestow.

These are moments I cherish. It really has been a long winter. Finally it is spring.

Tonight I sleep with a giddy smile.

Tomorrow will be a very good day.


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