Monthly Archives: May 2014

On The Subject Of Hope

A little over a week ago I made a decision. Feeling the drag of being indoors in a gym after a long and dreary winter, I wanted to capitalize on a turn in the weather that was as sudden as it was welcome. I would drop my gym sessions to two a week and for […]

My $9 Chinatown Haircut

To the more critical of you the fact that I get my haircut for $9 in Chinatown probably speaks explanatory volumes as to my coiffure. But in all honesty I do like how my tresses are shorn.  And living on the cusp of Chinatown allows me to take full advantage of paying a much appreciated […]

Running: The Fountain of Youth?

Victoria Park Subway Station. A train pulls in. I start to sprint up the escalator. Up ahead, a youth also sprints to catch the awaiting train. I close the gap. He turns to look at me. He’s about 16. He pulls himself to the side to allow me to pass. He continues to sprint. I […]

As I Sat At Heaven’s Gate

I walked to Heaven’s Gate not long ago. Its soft dewy meadows already lush with wildflower. A gentle breeze floats lilac enticingly. This is where I come when the world gets a little sad or blue. The creatures who live here welcome me and bring tender comfort to my weary soul. As they scamper, a […]

Finishing Strong

A collection of some of my favourite finishes…….. 2011 Big Sur Half Marathon   2011 Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon   2012 Bang & Olufsen Yorkville 5K   2013 A Midsummer Night’s Run 30K   2013 Frozen Bonsai Half Marathon   2013 Niagara Ultra 50K   2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon   2013 Around The Bay […]

Ode To Spring

Spring is in the air. The weather is warmer. The buds are blooming. And the morning sun rises a little earlier with each passing day. It’s a time of year when I can just run. No layering. And on the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, no worries of overheating either. In addition to all […]

Dangerous Beauty

There is a beauty and elegance to running. When done well it is free-flowing, powerful, and feels like flying. But there can be a danger about it as well. Three days before the 2014 Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon I started to feel run down. A cold started to make its presence known and despite my […]