My Morning Coffee Walk


Like every morning this week I awake to a quiet rain softly falling on the still city streets. Today though the winds are calm. Adding to the peacefulness of this gentle drizzle.

I won’t run today. With the marathon now 3 days away I am saving my energy. Instead I embark on what I once daily enjoyed. My morning coffee walk.

Casually, almost laconically, I meander the same avenues that usually see me in a more fleet of foot mode. I sip my morning coffee appreciatively as tendrils of steam reach skyward.

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly induced by my taper which leaves me with a wealth of excess energy. Flaying at my nerves and likely those of the people around me.

So this moment of calm is a welcome one. A restorative one.

In 72 hours another adventure begins.


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