As I Sat At Heaven’s Gate

I walked to Heaven’s Gate not long ago. Its soft dewy meadows already lush with wildflower. A gentle breeze floats lilac enticingly.

This is where I come when the world gets a little sad or blue.

The creatures who live here welcome me and bring tender comfort to my weary soul. As they scamper, a burst of happy energy galvanizing them to and fro, they pause now and then to regard me in a manner both curious and warm. For in their world they know nothing of strife or worry. The impetus for my visit so foreign to their very nature.

I am at peace here.

The trees are plentiful and the waters of the clear river sparkle. The verdant hills stride skyward bestowing a sense that a person can touch the stars they gaze upon in awe and wonder. Thus the true nature of Heaven’s Gate.

It was here I heard a voice alive with quiet power reassuring me:

I’ve got you.

And it was all I needed to know.

That I was remembered and not forgotten.

Like a comforting hand squeezing my shoulder I could feel this presence calming me, encouraging me. And it reminded me, once again, as I sat at Heaven’s Gate, that everything would be alright.





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