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It’s Time For My Run

The cacophonous alarm of my cell phone summons me from my slumber and I push the covers off my still sleepy body. In minutes a comforting waft of coffee floats through my apartment and I indulge in a couple of sips while pulling on my running clothes. A hearty bowl of granola while I peek […]

The Grac(i)e Period

About a week ago my cousin Gracie asked me if I had a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies and sadly I had to say “no”. I loved the concept. I mean Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are an old fave of mine! But as crazy as it may seem, I never thought of chocolate and […]

G O L D ! ! !

On Tuesday June 24 I competed in the Tim Horton’s Peachbud 10km race in Grimsby Ontario. The following is an excerpt from a (fictional!) sportscast televising the race. Any resemblance of the characters portrayed here to anyone else, aside from myself of course, is accidental and unintended. Happy reading!   Coming to you live from […]

My First Ultramarathon

Originally posted on My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner:
On June 22, 2013 I competed in the Niagara Ultra 50k. The following is my story. And that story got me an interview on the July 6 episode of iRun: The Running Show. I come on at the 29:03 mark; here’s the link: And…

Good Morning Sunshine!

Say hello to the first day of summer with these strawberry-orange scones

Chasing Gold

I’ve been running well. In training. I have been for several months now. But the health concerns which dogged my effort at the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon in May have left my race results wanting. (For my race report on The Goodlife Marathon, please see Dangerous Beauty — ). I am in search of […]

Mango Swirl Mochiko Cake with Brown Sugar Streusel : The Reinvention of a Filipino Favourite

Coconut milk and Mochiko brand sweet rice flour conspire for ooey gooey tropical goodness in the filipino classic dessert, the Bebinka. Growing up the familiar branding of Mochiko – its stark white box, distinctive red lettering, and familiar navy star always meant one thing to me. Delectable bebinka. Which in our family we somehow re-christened […]