The School On The Hill: A Brief Follow-Up



I want to thank everyone who read my previous post The School On The Hill  — — and to especially thank all who reached out with such kind words of support and love. Thank you all!

I also wanted to be sure to include this “epilogue” if you will.

Although my highschool years were challenging, this sign — along with many others offering similar messages of love, acceptance, and inclusivity — now reigns in the halls of my old alma mater. These signs are beacons of hope and inspiration. And I am greatly heartened to witness this beautiful transformation.

25-30 years ago these signs were utterly unheard of, particularly from ones so young. But now here they are, created by such young minds, and promoted by those in charge of educating and guiding those young minds.

Let us continue to hope and pray that this paradigm shift becomes the rule and that hatred of all forms and guises becomes the very glaring and progressively rare exception.

For now, I can say gratefully, we have come a very very long way.



  1. Isn’t it a relief that times do change, albeit more slowly than we would like. My boys are appalled by the fact that people can be treated so unfairly simply because of their colour, culture, religion or whom they choose to love. It makes no sense to them that faith or love could be seen as wrong.
    Last year in my grade 6 class we ended up talking about Rosa Parks and segregation. It gave me so much hope for the future when I saw the complete look of shock in their faces as I explained what happened. I am so happy that my own children and the children I teach value people for who they are, for their kind hearts, for what they contribute to society. I’m not naive enough to think all of the next generation will be the same, but I do believe that things will continue to change for the better!
    Thanks for your wonderful posts on this topic.

    1. Thank you Kristi for sharing your experiences as a parent and teacher! And thank you for your support 🙂

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