Mango Swirl Mochiko Cake with Brown Sugar Streusel : The Reinvention of a Filipino Favourite


Coconut milk and Mochiko brand sweet rice flour conspire for ooey gooey tropical goodness in the filipino classic dessert, the Bebinka.

Growing up the familiar branding of Mochiko – its stark white box, distinctive red lettering, and familiar navy star always meant one thing to me. Delectable bebinka. Which in our family we somehow re-christened as the Mochiko Cake.

Sadly the Mochiko brand has went strangely missing from my familiar haunts of Toronto’s Spadina Chinatown. Luckily my mother still has a source in Scarborough and she very graciously furnished me with a prized box on a recent visit.

With this relative rarity I felt I needed to do something special. Although the traditional Mochiko cake is plenty good on its own I wanted to do something more.

And more is exactly what I did. By swirling through a mango puree and topping this bad boy with a brown sugar streusel, I’ve put my own contemporary stamp on this traditional treat.



  1. This looks so nice!

    1. Thanks Sophie 🙂 The problem is it tastes good too!!! Had to give most of it away or I’d be having to buy bigger clothes for the summer :p

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