My First Ultramarathon

On this day one year ago………..

My Life As an Ultra Marathon Runner

On June 22, 2013 I competed in the Niagara Ultra 50k. The following is my story. And that story got me an interview on the July 6 episode of iRun: The Running Show. I come on at the 29:03 mark; here’s the link:

And here’s my story:

My First Ultramarathon

It’s dawn on the first full day of summer. The first group of racers, the 50km group, pick up their race kits and mingle while volunteers set-up and Adele’s “Rolling in The Deep” plays off the speakers. It’s already starting to swelter as I pin my bib number on and tell my friend where to find my health card if God forbid it’s needed. By the end of the day several will have their hopes dashed, succumbing to the elements and being taken away by ambulance. This is the Niagara Ultra.
Shaking off my nerves as best as…

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