It’s Time For My Run

The cacophonous alarm of my cell phone summons me from my slumber and I push the covers off my still sleepy body. In minutes a comforting waft of coffee floats through my apartment and I indulge in a couple of sips while pulling on my running clothes. A hearty bowl of granola while I peek at the weather and I know today will be another muggy slog.

I smile confidently.

Golden sunlight peers out from dark clouds as a light breeze softly flutters newly-filled boughs. Birdsong gently cleaves the otherwise stillness of this dawn. In another hour or so these melodies, though not silenced, will most certainly not be heard above the chaos of the slowly waking metropolis.

But while it is still quiet

And before this peace is done

While others still slumber

It’s time for my run







  1. I love running early in the morning but It is hard when the alarm goes off to want to get out of bed and take the first steps..but you always don’t want the time to end when you finish

    1. Not wanting the run to end…….true sign of a great run, huh? 🙂

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