Free To A Good Home

Chocolate Cake & Spiced Buttercream

I get cravings. And I try not to indulge them. Or more correctly I try not to overindulge them.

Like this morning. I came home from running a half marathon and had a real hankering for a chocolate cake. But with a little twist. Hence my idea to pair the cake with a spiced buttercream. A little cinnamon, a little nutmeg, and a dash of cloves to add punch to an old fashioned classic.

I baked the 3 layers and allowed them to cool while I stepped out to do some errands. The aroma that greeted me when I came home was heavenly. That scent of freshly baked chocolate cake.

I confess. I did buckle. A little. And it was worth every delectable morsel.

But now it’s time to give the rest away. I am, after all, a process-oriented as opposed to a goal-oriented baker. Not to mention an ardent endurance athlete.

It certainly was good while it lasted though.




  1. Oh yes. That does look good. How much to eat though? …

    1. Honestly, not very much. About a tenth. Just enough to quell the demons that rumble around my stomach šŸ™‚

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