Alright, that was a tad over dramatic. But I am gym-less.

Because I’ve altered my workouts to capitalize on being outdoors, I reduced my gym workouts to twice a week. And now, like the humble innocent forest creature who left his lair for sustenance, I’ve returned to find that another creature has taken over my den.

I didn’t even bother opening the gym door. I could hear sounds of the human interloper as I neared my erstwhile domain. More disturbingly, I could hear its music. My gym is small. And I absolutely hate it when someone brings in their music on a sound system not equipped with earphones.

Dejectedly I took to the streets. My leg lifts done on an unclaimed park bench. My toe raises on a City Hall staircase.

Brightening my morning though is a new drill I found in the July/August 2014 issue of Impact Magazine called “Single Leg Clock Hops”. I love trying out new ways of making me a stronger runner. It keeps things fresh and really motivates me.

This particular activity works on balance, coordination, and strengthens some notoriously under-developed hip and gluteal muscles typically found in runners.

Stand on one foot in the centre of a sizeable space. Envision you’re in the middle of the face of a clock. Now hop on this one foot to 12 o’clock before quickly hopping back to your starting point in the centre of the clock. Repeat this movement for each number on the clock face. I do two clock rotations on my left foot before switching over to my right foot.

This exercise is great for all of the reasons I mention above. Plus it really works your cardio and could prove to be a nifty warmup to get me ready for this evening’s 5 km race.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Wish me luck!



  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    Best of luck this evening! I know you will put in an awesome effort. As for the gym…it’s always great to be creative and get in some training using park benches and city hall stairs’

    1. Thanks Shawn! Polar Vortex weather should help 🙂

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