Fleeing The Children Of The Night

As summer’s grip begins to slacken, its reign over the early hours is summarily threatened.

It’s 5:30 a.m. and the night’s darkened tendrils still hang lasciviously over the city. Its progeny stalk the streets cackling menacingly.

I am on their territory now. Whereas a mere 2 weeks ago the hour shone protectively upon my ilk with its hastily lightening skies.

Adrenaline courses through my veins. Fueling my senses as the children of the night leer drunkenly at me. Their cries and stumbles all around as I scamper around them bidding a retreat from their lair.

4 kilometres later I am safe. The sun glances over the horizon and the streets take on a calm which belies the cacophony that prevailed only minutes before.

As I relax, my pace settles.

I can enjoy my run now.



  1. Tyra B. · · Reply

    Great post. But be safe out there!! Do you push your runs back later as the days get shorter?

    1. Thanks Tyra! I actually really like getting the run done as early as possible and have been known to venture out with a light strapped to my head. Eventually as the weather cools the streets will be less populated.

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