2,000.77 Kilometres Later


As runners our sense of chronology can sometimes become muddled. We end up telling time in terms of distance instead of the conventional use of hours, days, weeks, or months.

In my case it has been 2,000.77 kilometres since the year began. And as I reflect back on the year so far I fondly recall the kilometres I shared with my partner, who, since taking up our sport in the fall, has become a very good runner in his own right.

I recall my very first run of the year through ice cold temperatures and slick conditions. The ice storm which reeked havoc in Southern Ontario was still savagely in effect and hence that first run of 2014 was slow and arduous. If memory serves correctly I silently yet fervently prayed the run would be over before I started manually inserting bullets into my temple.

I also remember the run I did in memory of my father on Valentine’s Day and how I could feel his spirit urging me on. Proud of me still. And expressing his pride and support in ways that can only come when you’ve crossed over from this world.

117.2 of those 2000+ kilometres took place in races. Some were painful. Such as the asthma attack during the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon. Or the heavily chafed thighs during the Around The Bay Road Race. Some were racked full of joy — I medalled for the first time in my age group at The Eaton Downtown Dash 5K and later went on to break a personal best at A Midsummer Night’s Run 30K. All are memories filled with pride.

This year I’ve been training harder than ever and have crossed the 2000 kilometre mark much earlier than I have previously. Will I celebrate with cake? Not right now. But I will celebrate quietly. And in those celebrations I will thank you all for being along for the run.

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  1. Wow! That is an amazing number of kms and August isn’t even over yet! Maybe I will try adding mine up, but I might be disappointed given my lazy summer.
    You mentioned the Fall Colours elevation map, do they have one on the website this year? I didn’t see it. The main thing I remember is the hill that comes around the 3k mark and is pretty long. If you are doing the marathon you get to do it twice! I’ll stick to the half that day. Will D be running too?

    1. Thanks Kristi! I shoulda made some of those 2000km go towards that peaceful cabin you have! Here’s the elevation chart I found:


      And yes! D is in the 10km. We’re really pumped about our long weekend getaway to Ottawa!

      1. The course was changed a couple of years ago but that looks like it could be it. It used to be a loop but now it is an out and back (twice for you). At least it works its way down!
        And remember you guys can have a homemade Thanksgiving dinner (not by me – be thankful) if you feel like a big meal after the race (and don’t mind traveling to Fitzroy, the exact opposite side of the city). Or we can meet up in the city earlier in the weekend. When it gets closer we can see what could work.
        OMG, we are talking about Thanksgiving, summer is really coming to an end 😦

  2. I will have to add up my miles for the year. I doubt that I am there, but I might be close. I have my total from mid February to now, so I need to did up 6 weeks (off season low mileage weeks so I doubt it will add much to the total). Congratulations!

    1. 1985.4 km. I have some catching up to do… 🙂

      1. Oops, 1795.4 km. lots of catching up to do…

    2. Thanks Raymond!

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