The Labyrinth



The labyrinth is an ancient symbol dating back more than 3000 years. It is a universal symbol of pilgrimage and of our journey through life.


* You may enter the labyrinth with a question or a special intention in mind.

* Follow the path of the labyrinth from its entrance to the centre.

* Walk at a pace that feels comfortable to you.

* Pass others on the path if you need to, and move around walkers coming towards you.

* Stay in the centre for as long as you wish.

* Follow the path back to the entrance of the labyrinth.

I had walked the small grounds of Trinity Square many a time over my years. Its peaceful confines juxtaposed paradoxically against the cacaphonous chorus of downtown Toronto. But scarcely have I ever wallowed in its midst. Let alone taken the time to walk through the elaborate labyrinth within its heart.

As I approached today, I felt an urging. Challenge isn’t quite the right word. Invitation is more apt. An invitation to enter the labyrinth.

I paused briefly at its entrance. Noticing someone else who had already embarked upon its twists and turns. But I felt reassured by the above words that my presence would still be welcome.

I did have a question. Sort of. But again maybe question isn’t the right word. In this case the seeking of guidance in general was more apt.

As I traversed the meandering path my mind began to settle. Thoughts would fleetingly arise in tune with my observations. The labyrinth echoing the many paths that life proffers. Sometimes the end goal seems to appear quickly before a detour presents itself. Sometimes we try to anticipate life’s vicissitudes, finding only that they refuse to be scrutinized. Perhaps of greatest import, in a labyrinth we always meet our goals; there are no dead-ends; but patience is required to stay the course. In this regard, determination and faith become our truest allies in life.

As two children come to play along the winding pathways, I at first am broken out of my reverie. Disturbed initially but then smiling at the memory of what life is like to merely play without worry, to have fun. Maybe that is another reminder that the labyrinth’s journey was meant to provide me…….that sometimes in life, it’s about fun, play, and to heck with the rules.

Finally I stand in the eye of the labyrinth. Shutting my eyes to the world I say a prayer of thanks for all that life continues to bless me with. A frisson of spiritual acknowledgment replies. I feel safe. Whatever troubles the world may have I feel safe in this moment and know that I will always be cared for.

Retracing my steps outward I notice the elderly gentleman who was already on this sojourn when I first entered. He has made his own exit now and a beatific look has tranformed his features. He seems to smile a gesture of reassurance toward me as I follow my own path.

Grateful for his thoughtfulness, I smile in return.


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