Monthly Archives: September 2014

Running Away…..and Coming Back Again.

For reasons that had more to do with the head and heart than it did with the legs and feet, I found myself limping toward week’s end. It was Friday and I was stressed and exhausted. Further, my running, which has been a traditional refuge was itself becoming a stressor. I have been ramping up […]

On Passion & Obsession

You know that no one would think less of you for running inside on a day like this! It was a message sent with sincerity from a good friend of mine regarding last week’s sudden heat wave. A gesture of kindness and support. But running inside? I would think less of me. Though I would […]

Quite Possibly The Last Hot Humid Run Of The Year

And Thank God for that! Courtesy of an impossibly frigid winter, spring and summer in Toronto have been a lot cooler and drier than in recent years. And as a runner these foreign climes are an absolute God-send. But when the heat and humidity suddenly come back with a vengeance, it can leave me reeling. […]