Quite Possibly The Last Hot Humid Run Of The Year

And Thank God for that!

Courtesy of an impossibly frigid winter, spring and summer in Toronto have been a lot cooler and drier than in recent years. And as a runner these foreign climes are an absolute God-send. But when the heat and humidity suddenly come back with a vengeance, it can leave me reeling.

There just has been no chance to acclimatize to these debilitating conditions. And I really did fear my half marathon training run this morning. Though the hour had not struck 5:30, the humidex had already climbed to 30C. Adding to this was the fact that I went into this morning’s run with 60km already on my legs since the beginning of the week. 85km if you include last Sunday’s run. In either case, it was an all-time high. My Hansons-inspired training regime would really be pushing the cumulative fatigue factor.

The first 15 kilometres went by without a hitch. But then something happened. With 6 kilometres to go I started to struggle. Fatigue engulfed me and I had to hydrate every kilometre to keep myself going. Surprisingly my split times remained very consistent but it was obviously more of an effort, if only mentally.

I kept reminding myself that today is likely the last of the hot humid runs of the year.

The thought galvanized me.

And yet, at the same time, it also saddened me.

Dear Summer




  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    Awesome job with all the kilometres! This time of year always brings about some sadness with having to say goodbye to summer. It’s a bitter sweet thing, the changing of the seasons.

  2. Ya I think especially for the transition from summer to fall. Given the shortening daylight hours, the leaves eventually falling from the trees, the dropping temperatures. But I say this knowing that the autumn is one of my favourite times of the year! Definitely bittersweet.

    Thanks for the kudos Shawn 🙂

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